CMHC, Inc. and the three facilities (including Cass Co Psychological Services) are not a private practice but a Healthcare Corporation that is nationally accredited by CARF.  As such, it is like a Hospital, a Medical Practice that is corporate owned and operated, or other corporations.  Our facilities are recognized by SAMSHA, and other bodies listing healthcare and specialty facilities.  Unlike a private practice there are specific bylaws and policies and procedures, a board of directors and department and program directors with specific duties, utilization review and quality assurance supervision and audits, annual audits, clinical privileging and HR department, and other corporate requirements.  A trainee must be selected, privileged as a resident/intern/trainee and have assigned and qualified clinical supervision and program and educational rotations.  A private practice is a much more variable and non-accredited structure with often loosely affiliated and regulated practitioners that are often independent, not accountable to a formal board, and not supervised by healthcare accrediting bodies.  A group practice is different than a private practice and is often somewhere between a private practice and a healthcare facility.