New book on Medical Psychology:

Editor Dr. John Caccavale

The book is written by two past presidents of the American Psychological Association (APA), a Past bookcoverMember of the APA Council of Representatives (Board), Board Members of the National Practitioners Association in Psychology (, Board Member of the Academy of Medical Psychology, and leaders in the field.

Dr. Morris of CMHC, Inc. authored three chapters in the book.  He is the president of the Academy of Medical Psychology and on the board of of the National Practitioner Association, and a past member of the leadership of the APA.  Dr. Morris indicated that the field of Medical Psychology is emerging as one of the best partners for general physicians as they move into the era of Integrated Care Models.

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New Book:  The Crisis in Psychopharmacology

The editor is Dr. John Caccavale, and Dr. Morris did some of the chapters;

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Scientific Study:  Medical Psychologists and Psychopharmacologist Psychologists are among the top prescribers of psychotrophic medications:  click here for study:  Prescribing disciplinesComparisonCOOPER-DOCUMENT-2020 .