Managed Care &/or Volume Discount Contracting:

CMHC, Inc. has a long history of working in case rate and contracted programming dating to 1978.  We have weekly staffing and computer monitoring of clinical need and resource allocation and consumption.  Our case management follow-up, medication and treatment compliance management systems, and patient treatment plan and outcomes monitoring is state of the art and built on systems which have been in place since the late 1970s.  Both our administrative and key clinical management staff has advanced business administration and contracts management training and experience.

We are geographically dispersed along the Western Missouri border from south Kansas City to the Joplin and Springfield areas (including the surrounding rural areas).  Our clinical staff has a wide range of mental health specialties which meet the requirements of access and coverage in Missouri statutes.  We provide 24-hour emergency services, access to outpatient, day treatment, and inpatient care, and perform social detoxification.

We have a history of working with third party payers and private companies to provide comprehensive outpatient care and targeted crisis intervention to help minimize costly and stressful hospitalization.  Our case managers work hard to assure that patients stay in outpatient therapy, re-engage when they drop out, and that barriers to successful outpatient treatment are removed.

Managed care providers should keep in mind that our organization is one of the largest outpatient organizations in southwest Missouri.  We cover an area from the south suburbs of Kansas City, to the north suburbs of Joplin, and to central Springfield and areas in between (Lamar and Eldorado Springs). When companies are looking for partners who have a long tradition of case rate and unit allocation management and area coverage, WE ARE A QUALIFIED CHOICE!

If your company or agency would like to discuss volume contracting, call Terri Morris, AA, CEO at 417-667-8352 or email or .