CMHC, Inc.  offers Programs:

Clinics at:  Harrisonville, Butler (on the Hospital and Medical Campus), and Nevada MO.  For admission or information call:  417-667-8352, or 816-380-4010

Medication Assisted Treatment for Opiate and Alcohol Dependance:

  • Suboxone, Naltrexone, Carbamazapine, and psychotropic medications
  • Specialized Behavioral Therapies
  • Medical follow-up and treatment of co-morbid medical disorders
  • Medication first and any open door philosophy
  • Naloxone rescue emergency medication
  • See our FactSheetMedication and Counseling TreatmentCMHCInc (1)!
  • Our leadership doctors of psychology, medicine, and nurse practitioners and nurses and clinical staff in our behavioral health programs have specialized training in MAT,

Mental Health Counseling programs for individuals and families, including:

  1. Adults,
  2. Marriage and Family
  3. Children and Adolescnts
  4. Substance Abuse (see new MAT Program Click Here)
  5. Drug and Traffic Court

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Day Treatment Program for Substance Dependence and Co-occurring Disorders

  • Group Education
  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Co-occurring Disorders Psychotherapy with a licensed Behavioral Health Professional
  • Medication services and management
  • Nursing and medical services
  • Assistance with filing for Medicaid and Social Security as qualified
  • Transportation Service
  • Case Management and Peer Support Services to advocate, locate community resources, and coordinate services
  • Coordination with Vocational Rehabilitation, Education, and Occupational services
  • Offender and Probation and Parole Offender Compliance Management and Coordination Services
  • Coordination with GED Services and Attainment
  • Family and Co-dependency Counseling Services

Drug Court Services:

  • Offender Day Treatment Substance Abuse Services (comprehensive, short-term, manualized and skill based treatment; group and individual)
  • Co-occurring Disorders treatment (substance abuse, medication management, and mental health treatment)
  • Housing and Occupational Case Management and Advocacy and Linkage Services
  • GED and Occupational Skill Building Services
  • Recreational and Sober Social System Building Services
  • Our substance abuse programs are led by a doctor who holds a national certification in substance abuse treatment.

Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Services:

  • Driver Risk Inventory (DRI) screens for DWI persons seeking placement in training to return their license
  • SATOP (10 hour) classes for license renewal
  • Weekend Intervention Program (WIP) for license renewal
  • CAll 417-667-8352, or 816-380-4010

Neuropsychology and Medical Psychology Rehabilitation Counseling Services:

  • Halstead-Reitan and Nebraska Luria and other neuropsychological assessments
  • Board Certified Medical Psychologist and Physician led cognitive adaptation and rehabilitation services post CVA, TIA, CHD, TBI, and for advanced obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism, and demylination and IBS disorders.
  • Nursing staff interventions and case management
  • Disability Evaluations
  • PTSD and trauma, and Medical Condition Occupational Loss rehabilitation

Child and Adolescent and Family Services:

  • Child and Adolescent Psychosocial and Psychological and Psychoeducational Evaluations
  • Learning Disabilities Rehabilitation Services
  • Autism ABA services and interventions
  • Family Therapy
  • Adolescent Group Therapy and Coping Skills building
  • Juvenile Justice Psychological Evaluations and Required Treatment Services
  • Adolescent Substance Abuse Services
  • Inpatient and Residential Care Placement Services
  • Anger and impulse control groups and individual counseling services

Marriage and Family Services:

  • Marital Counseling
  • Divorce Adaptation and Collaborative Child Rearing Counseling
  • Blended Family Adaptation Counseling
  • Child Custody Evaluations
  • Marriage Mediation and Court Services
  • Our Marital and Family Program is led by a Psychologist who is Board Certified in Marital and Family Therapy, and several clinicians who are AAMFT Certified Supervisors and Clinicians and who have served in leadership in state and national Marital and Family Therapy organizations.


Professional Training programs including:

  • Rural Clinical Psychology Training Program
  • Rural Clinical Social Work Training Program
  • Rural Marital & Family Training Program
  • Rural Substance Abuse Counselor Training Program
  • Rural Professional Approved Day Treatment Curriculum Counseling Residency
  • Approved Day Treatment Curriculum

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